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What I'm Made Of

Every once in awhile I play this ridiculous instrument at church. It is a percussion instrument that sounds like a quickly vibrating wood bell. After ten months, I finally play it at the right time during the few songs it's used in, but I still feel so goofy playing it. This, along with great company, makes me smile and laugh through most of the service. Today, I was playing it again - for "All You Works of God" - and after church a man came up and commented on how much fun it looked like I was having. I guess I'll keep playing it instead of switching to something more normal, like a maracca.

After church, I drove about 15 miles north to play volleyball. When I arrived, no one was there. I came home a route I didn't have directions for - just using intuition and a sense of direction I'm not always sure exists. Because I thought I was going to be expending tons of energy, I was really pumped when I got home. This, was very good for my not-quite-packed-yet apartment.

Some people say, "You are what you eat." Others say, "You are what you know." These principles (and others), are based on the idea that what you put inside you (food, knowledge, etc.) makes up your being. Using the transverse theory (a+b=c, if a=d and b=e, then d+e=c)* - and substituting me for a box and my stuff for food, etc. - I am a library.

*It's possible this is not actually the right representation of the transverse theory.

I think there is a book in almost every box I've packed. Only when I'm moving do I regret the number of books I manage to pack onto shelves in every room in my house.

Right now, there are four tubs and seven boxes ready to go. There is still alot of stuff lying around, but 90% of the walls are cleared, and the shelves just have small items I'm using in the empty spaces in boxes. I cooked enough for me to have lunch most of this week - and I'll cook one other thing tomorrow for a little variety - then I'll be able to pack up the rest of my pots and pans. It's hard to believe I'll be moved into my new place (though probably not settled) in a week.

But now, it's late and I have to work all day tomorrow before I get to come home and pack my desk. I'm determined to be fully packed before I go to bed on Thursday night. Here's hoping!

Talk to you soon, ~Heather