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Where, o where

.... will Heather be going?

I'm moving to the other side of the city to be closer to my job. Right now I live in Maryland, and the job is in Virginia (though both of these places are on the DC Metro system). Luckily, God has made this whole transition period really smooth for me.

I found a place just a few miles from work. It is a one bedroom on the top floor. The complex has everything a girl could ask for (and more). There is a free shuttle that'll drop me a few minutes walk from work (no transportation fees!). If the weather is bad, or the shuttle isn't running, I'm about a ten minute commute in traffic with a pass for the free parking garage at work.

The complex has a fitness center and a pool (both of which are really close to my building), a sand volleyball court, a lab with computers and a fax (in case my computer is on the fritz) ... basically as good as you can get. Rent and utilities are reasonable (but only by DC standards), and I even have my own washer/dryer and a dishwasher!!!!

So, in a few weeks, I'll be putting the last of my things in boxes for the 14th move in 6 years. I am really hoping to stay in this place for a little while ... settle in, not have to repack for a year or two, you know, the usual. I'll still be in my old place for the Georgia game (vs. USC, for those not sure of my football preference), and everyone is welcome to come over and sit amidst the boxes for one last football extravaganza before the move. (I'll have to christen the new place with a football party later in the season!)

This morning I drew a schematic of my new place. My goal is to economically furnish the apartment so it doesn't look like my college dorm. As homey as my room in Capstone was, I'm hoping that along with this new job, new apartment, and first time living alone-alone (not sharing a kitchen or bathroom or laundry with others), I'll be able to take that big step away from cinder block tables.

I currently have four pieces of furniture to my name: a giant desk chair, a corner TV unit, a fish tank table (basically an entry-way table with my fish tank on top), and a desk. Only the desk and desk chair match each other. I do have some wood filing cabinets, plastic and metal shelving units, and stuff like that, but I feel like having a bed and perhaps a kitchen table or a couch (or both) might be important.

OKay. I need to go now and get price quotes on renter's insurance and figure out where I'll be consolidating my student loans. Hopefully this will go as smoothly as finding a job and an apartment did!

Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - Please keep my landlords' family in your prayers, as her dad is suffering from liver cancer and other failing organs.


Marco said…
nice :) lets get some pictures. but 14 moves? I suppose you are counting moving out of your dorm room in the spring to move back in in the fall.....