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Reverse Co-ed

This is volleyball code for co-ed doubles playing on grass courts with "women's" height nets. It was a good day for playing - slightly overcast, light breeze, bearable temperatures.

My partner Aaron and I lost every game (though some were pretty close). It was a ton of fun, despite all the losing. Part of it was definitely the competition. I am a B level player (based on experience, skill sets, speed, etc.). We were playing in the A division, which is considerably more competitive. Also, I was probably the only player on our court (pool play) that didn't regularly play doubles. In case you aren't sure what the difference between playing indoor sixes and outdoor doubles is, I'll briefly explain:

No air-conditioning
Difficult to dive
Limited plays (no over hand passing across the net, and because it is reverse co-ed, no guys in front, etc.)
Sun in your eyes
Shagging the ball means chasing it over half a soccer field (this can be a little wearing when done repeatedly)
1/3 the normal amount of people, though an equal amount of court to cover

The last is probably the most important difference, because it means you have to be about 3 times as quick getting to the ball than a regular sixes player. It is commonly known among anyone who has ever seen me run, that I am, without a doubt, one of the slowest "athletic" people ever. I am like the big guy playing center (football reference) running sprints with the wide receiver; 99.9% likely to come in last.

Somehow this was not discouraging to my partner, who has encouraged me to play with him at other tournaments this fall. I think he is crazy for wanting to keep playing with me, but this totally exhausted feeling is so good that another tournament sounds rather appealing. I mean, I even hit today. My shoulder didn't start to feel bad until the fifth game, and I was still spiking. In another month, I might be able to serve a few overhand again. We might, you know, win a game.

For now, I'll just think about it. And sleep, because being out on the grass courts from 8:30a.m. until 7:30p.m. (even if you don't actually play all the time) is totally exhausting.

Love always,