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Before the 40 Days

Tomorrow begins the season of sacrifice. I'm actually excited. For reasons passing understanding, I have about ten times more self-control during Lent than any other time of year. That means I clean more, eat better, work out more, and generally pull my life together in a positive way. I have a lot of messes to work through before Easter, so I'm getting started with one of the least important but easiest to post on a blog.
There are nearly 30 tabs open in my Firefox field right now and I absolutely need to get some of these tabs gone. So here's what I thought was so important that I couldn't close the tab when I was done reading about it.
In regards to the current trouble with the federal budget and opposition to the health care bill that was passed last year, I thought this was a fascinating story of a citizen torn.

With it being Mardi Gras, here are two religious places to check out: Kayla's nun-blog and Pius Media. Who knew you had to pay to commit to poverty and that Netflix had an ultra-Catholic cousin?

Speaking of Fat Tuesday, have you seen the new dietary guidelines for Americans? Apparently I need more grain and fish.

Girls only: Sports bras can be the bane of your workout. Here's to finding a good fit.

It's a real bummer that Phil Collins is retiring. It's even sadder that he feels like he needs to quit.

Pizza and minimalism don't get along on your waist, but in spirit, they're connected.

Girls are just as important as boys. In court and in movies.

And not just because it is International Women's Day.

Not really speaking of movies anymore (but now we are), here's two of my passions run together - cinema and food. Delicious movie moments and how to recreate them.

Another thing I love? Traveling. Australia is next on my list of continents to conquer (in the passive way), but even if it wasn't, I'd still love the set-up of this travel blog.

Okay, I think most of the rest of the links need to be put in the link round-up of the work blog, but if anything is SUPER interesting, I'll cross-post. Oh, and I'm finally on Twitter @H_Gamecock. As if I needed more Internet distractions.

Always, ~Heather


Marco said…
ah, the time of year to give up going to the gym for a couple of weeks.