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Things in Heather-land are changing. Big changes, small changes, the sorts of things you sit up and take notice of and the sorts of things you forget ten minutes later.

Let's start at the beginning: I am dating someone. As in, using the boy/girlfriend titles and sharing secrets and sneaking kisses in elevators; dating someone. I'm in a Relationship. I promised myself I would never become one of those girls who disappeared into a relationship, so my schedule has become even more insanely full than it was before. I don't mind even one, minuscule bit though, because he makes me ecstatically, emphatically happy.

(It occurs to me I should ask his permission to use his name or a derivation thereof, so I'm holding on further boyfriend storytelling for the moment.)

This has been a big change. Other big changes are going on at work, where people are dropping like flies. Not literally, but including interns and fellows, at least six of my colleagues will have left the organization between last week and the end of August. This is a big deal in an organization that hovers in the 20 person staff range. I love that we constantly seem to have new people and fresh ideas flowing into the organization, but some of the upcoming changes are probably going to mean an increase and dynamics change in the work-flow of my team.

Small changes are happening in how I handle my utilities (cable & phone). Volleyball is on hiatus until the non-air-conditioned gym cools down or we find a place with AC to play. I've been checking out new churches that are closer to my house. My exercise and weight reduction regimens are beginning again with the goal of hitting my target by 2011. I'm reading more. I'm cooking a LOT more. My garden is growing exceedingly fast and will be providing delicious produce in bushels soon.

The thing I'm trying to remember (as R emphasized earlier), is that there aren't lines between parts of my life - all of these new things are merging with the things that were there before. If my life was a highway, I'd say that I've come up on a city and there are way more on and off ramps going on in this little stretch of road.

So far I like it.

When I first learned to drive, I was terrible at merging. Life in the city and WAY too many trips up and down I-95 have improved my ability to slide safely into oncoming traffic. My life is similar. I'm not a huge fan of change (for the sake of change anyway), but change seems to find me. The older I get, the easier it becomes to transition between things. To remember that rough patches don't last forever, traffic clears up, and tires are replaceable. With all this literal and figurative merging, it's also nice to know I've now got someone to ride with me for awhile.