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Living Social Cynicism

I signed up for these online LivingSocial deal emails everyday, wherein I get an email about a local place that has a coupon for sale. Yes, for sale. Basically, you pay $10 or $25 or some amount for a coupon worth usually twice to three times that value. If you forward it around and three of your friends purchase it using the link originally sent to you, you get the coupon for free.

So today I was looking at one for miniature golf (which I love despite my occasional lack of aim) and talking to a friend about it since he'd already been to this place, and he said he'd go with me if I wasn't otherwise able to use the coupon with a date or other friend. Which is incredibly nice. Except my first thought was: "Will I still be friends with this person by the time I'm ready to use this coupon?"

Between friends who have fallen off the map (if I ever stop socializing because I magically conjure up a boyfriend, please beat me with a stick or something) or re-located , I've built up an incredible cynicism about the availability of my friends and acquaintances.

I have to wonder if it is:
  1. just a product of my generation; people feel like the occasional Facebook message is enough to maintain a friendship
  2. a geographic phenomenon (DC is notorious for being a 2-year layover place for careers)
  3. or an age thing (marriage and children make single friends useless).
I'm going to buy the coupon, because I'm sure I'll be able to get someone to come with me, I just wonder if it'll be any of the people I'm hanging out with this week.


Sean said…
I'd offer to go with you, but there's just about 0% chance I'll be in DC any time soon. Also, I'm old and married. :-)

I realized I don't have an email address for you, which I need in order to add you as a reader for the blog. Send me an email (smbarnette at gmail) and I'll add you.