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Finding My Soul Mate

So I was just watching Grey's Anatomy, the end of last season where Izzy is talking about the biggest days of your life, and how they usually just start out as normal days. How you don't even realize it's going to be an important day until after it becomes big. Until you realize you don't want the day to end because there just isn't enough time.

She suggested some types of days that fit into this category, including the day you meet your soul mate. Now, I am convinced that soul mates are like people, mostly we're born in ones. You know, just you in there with all that fabulous amniotic fluid. But others are born in twos, or threes, or more. I tend to think I am one of the lucky ones born with more than one soul mate (though I was definitely born all by my lonesome).

I met my first soul mate the summer before I started college. I didn't know it that day. In fact, I thought he was a bit scandalous and crude (actually, I sometimes still think that). He was an over-enthusiastic orientation leader. He tried to scare us, tried to give us good advice, shared perfectly horrid advice, and generally showed us soon-to-be freshmen around campus.

I met my soul mate in the SEC room of the Russell House before it was renovated. He didn't even know my name. Heck, I barely knew his. It took us 6 months or more before we even spoke again, and even then you wouldn't have guessed we'd ever be friends since he was mostly mocking me. The night I became friends with my soul mate, we debated whether or not he really liked the number 23 (he does) and whether or not I should give him a back massage. Amidst the mocking.

Our fate together was sealed just a few weeks later. It was a baseball game in the rain. It was the greatest baseball game I'd ever seen in my life, we were soaked to the skin and screaming like crazy. I'm pretty sure we didn't even bother to hurry home; we were so wet already. We went out and saw The Sweetest Thing with his friends at the movie theater, then to IHOP or Waffle House (because, really, it's college, and who needs sleep?). We went home, had one of the most interesting conversations of my life and then I went downstairs and went to bed.

It was a day like any other day, until it wasn't anymore. I'll never forget it.

Sometimes I forget that the big days start as ordinary days. Sometimes I forget that the people you think will stick with you are usually different than the ones who do. Sometimes I forget to be as thankful for the normal days as I am for the big and exciting ones. Because today could have been a really important day in the history of me, and I just don't know it yet.

Anything's possible. I could have already met my next soul mate (most of you know why I'm sure I've got more than one, but if you don't, let me know and I'll share). Today is the first day of the rest of my life. And anything can happen.

Love always,


Marco said…
I'd really be curious to know what that horrid advice was ;)

horrid definition
hor·rid (hôr′id, här′-)
ARCHAIC bristling; shaggy; rough
causing a feeling of horror; terrible; revolting
very bad, ugly, unpleasant, etc.