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Breaking My Own Rule

So I have this rule (which I bet you wish was not starting sentences with the word "so") about not writing negative things on here, because, let's face it, we don't usually read our friends' blogs looking for the things that aren't going well in their lives. We read about the awesomeness of their little people (read: children), their pets, their fun adventures, their happiness. I don't know about you, but it sort of makes my day when I flip through the Friends section of my Reader to find out that so-and-so had a birthday, or this one is pregnant again. I love it.

So, (there I go again) I try not to vent. I try not to whine. But if you're really my friend and reading this, then I hope you want to hear about everything, and not just the good stuff. I hope you want to hear about me, not just the shiny, happy, reflection of me that sometimes appears in mirrors.

I'm having a perfectly good week by any normal scale. But I just can't get happy tonight.

I stayed in, ordered delicious pizza, drank some Argentinian Malbec, watched a happy-go-lucky movie, started on a new project with a friend, lots of stuff.

But for some reason, all I want to do is curl up, eat chocolate (except I'm not hungry after all that pizza), and have someone just be here for me. Just for me. No other reason, except me.

If I was one of those people who could sleep and sleep and sleep, I'd get into my bed right this minute and wake up to a brand new day. Tomorrow, is going to be a lovely day, and I know it.

But tonight, my sock drawer is broken, I have three hampers of laundry that need to be folded and put away, there are packed up Christmas decorations I'm too lazy to get up into the attic (where there are currently many, many leaks; so maybe not that safe anyways), I'm 90% sure I have been blocked on Gchat by someone, and I cannot find a comfortable temperature for myself.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. But tonight, I'm breaking my own rule and venting, because honestly, I do feel a little better.

Love always, ~Heather


isabelle said…
Dear Heather,
I thought about you this week because I've visited one exhibition in Paris on "Isadora Duncan". It's because we saw her picture together and I was ashamed to ignore all about her life!
It was fantastic to discover her life, a lot of pictures especially comparisons with Antique sculptures and painted vases...
So well, a big thank you!! You can visit a part of it on this link:

See you
Isabelle from France....