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The Class of 2013

If you want to read something scary, check out Beloit's Mindset analysis for the class of 2013.

It's hard to believe that this year's college freshmen were born in a different decade. I know I'm still young, but those years between us seem to be getting farther and farther apart.

My work keeps me pretty up-to-date with how the world is evolving online. I'm on a couple of different social media sites and actively avoiding others. I can track who comes to read this post and basically everything about the computer they visit from (don't worry, it's less of a deal here than it is over on the work blog where we track demographics pretty seriously).

And yet, despite my technological savvy and my awareness of things that happened before 1991, it still seems strange that I can be so different than students starting college less than a decade after me and yet, so the same.

I wasn't allowed to eat Berry Berry Kix, but I can remember when they were new. Before the Cartoon Network (which I wasn't allowed to watch) when my family watched Star Trek: The Next Generation, it was perfectly normal for a kid not to have a TV or computer in their room. Now it seems like a child is at a disadvantage if there isn't a computer at home.

I wonder if they played outside with neighborhood kids and ate fruit off of trees for snacks. Do they realize how different the world is from before their 10th birthdays to now, post 9-11?

And yet, there is still a war in Iraq. Congress is still working on health reform. And schools all still have libraries with hard and soft cover books, we're still using pencils and reading off of something that doesn't need to be charged.

How much different will the world be in 2 years? 5 years? 20 years?

What will it be like when my kids start college?

I hope I'm around to find out.

Love always, ~Heather