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Resolutions for 2009

Around the planet, people are making resolutions. Statistically, I'm fairly certain, many of them will not ever become realities. This does not dissuade me from making my own resolutions though. Although I'm not sure that I've ever kept a New Year's resolution, I often manage to keep resolutions for Lent or other shorter spans of time. So, I've planned my goals to minimize difficulty in missing days or losing resolve, and that will solve some of the biggest things that bugged me during 2008.
  1. Do something everyday that makes me happy.
  2. Travel to a new place (preferably outside the U.S.) and explore it.
  3. Spend at least an hour a week doing some sort of cleaning/picking-up in the house (preferably in my room).
Here is my rationale.

Number 1: I can rarely stop things from making me unhappy. I have little control over the things my mind chooses to hang on to or obsess over. However, if I can't stop the occasional misery, I can at least dull the sensation by countering it with the exact opposite feeling - joy. I'm even making a little jar of small things to do for the (exceptionally) rare day when I can't think of a single positive thing. No excuses on this one, as flossing and other small stuff makes me happy, and it is stuff that can be easily made a part of my day.

Number 2: This blog used to be about the more traditional adventures. When I was in France, I did lots of things by myself. While I am still afraid of traveling by myself to a far off place, I figure that with enough advanced planning, I can work in at least one trip this year to a place I've never been with a friend or other safety net that will help me feel safe. I'm sure, because this year alone I visited three states I had never explored before and visited multiple others (two of which with people I would never have guessed at a year ago).

Moreover, this will help me be less scared.

Finally, it is something I can do to celebrate singledom. You know, that state of being where you are NOT attached at the hip to someone else? I seem to reside in that state more years than not, which isn't a problem, but like many people, I find this particular scenario less than ideal. Which bugs me (contributing to the unhappiness being countered in Resolution #1). So, I'm doing something that once I have settled down with my future family will be significantly more difficult to do. Traveling to destinations of your own choosing and deciding the best activities to do in that place is a bit more complicated as you add a husband and children.

Number 3: My room is perpetually a mess. No matter how hard I try, it is always a disaster area. I think I've got it cleaned up and BOOM. I travel and upon my return a suitcase explodes, or my laundry gets delayed, or my volleyball bag finds itself lonely for its contents - all of which coordinates with an inability to get rid of stuff I'm not sure if I'll use again. But, with a little help from Rachel, I'm going to focus at least one hour a week on cleaning the house, in the hopes that my room, which is IN the house, will feel the effects.

I'm not sure how these things are going to go. I have no idea what this year will have in store for me, though I'm hoping more laughter, Iceland, and less piles of laundry. But, the things I was not expecting in 2008 were some of the most interesting - New Orleans, Iowa, San Francisco, new roommates, garden boxes, volleyball teams. In fact, this year has been chock-full of stuff I've never done, learned, seen, heard, or experienced before.

I can't wish for anything more than the exact same for 2009.

Blessings to all for a wonderful year.

Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - Big hugs and kisses to everyone who has made 2008 an outstanding year. I wouldn't be me without you!