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La Tua Cantante

I'm fairly certain we're all aware I'm a nerd. Well, this of course extends to young adult fiction. I have become immersed in the phenomena known as the Twilight series, and love it. I have not wanted to put any of the books down as I read them, flying through them and forcing myself to slow down and better enjoy the story.

Admittedly, the writing is not technically brilliant. But there is something about the voice of the author, the personalities of the characters, and the goofy teen angst-yness that appeals to me. Finding out that the author is Mormon helped me decipher some of the details I thought were lacking, but strangely (because religious affiliation is not generally something I consider when choosing authors to read), I found that the plot made more sense and the romance was much more sincere knowing her faith. It really enhanced the third book (which is the one I read after I found out) - though arguably, there is more in the way of marriage and "binding together" talk in Eclipse anyway.

Anyway, I've been thinking about a passage in the second book, New Moon. And, if you aren't on this book yet, I'm not going to spoil anything, so no worries. A character is described as "la tua cantante", Italian for "your singer." The idea is similarly described in the title book of the series, but not with same language.

In some way, I think this totally fictional description of defining how a person can appeal to another is rather brilliant. Maybe just because it sounds better in Italian, but it is the sort of thing that I have a hard time describing in English (and an even worse time describing in French!). Maybe, because the idea of something (or someone) singing to me is pretty awesome (and is definitely on my list of ideal traits - though vocal quality is not a prerequisite, just a willingness to sing). But whatever the reasoning, the phrase caught my attention.

Throughout my life, different people/things have "sung to me" in different ways (none literally, oddly enough). I'm sure you've experienced this. When you meet someone and maybe not right away, but fairly soon you just feel some sort of connection between you and the other person. Someone you instantly feel comfortable with, or can have a conversation with, or makes a good running partner. A place that you feel safe and free, a tool that seems to work better than any other, a stray animal you just had to take home.

I love when I meet these people and discover these things, because it makes me feel connected to the world. But, like anything that you get connected to (this is beginning to remind me of the Dark Materials series), if or when you have to break the connection, it can be absolutely rotten. Not everyone recognizes the same connections or even feels them. I even wonder if the sensation is only observable to some people, since some don't seem to understand it when you try to explain the idea to them.

All this to say, that these connections are rare and should be treasured. I'd argue they should be fought for, but undoubtedly that could be bad advice depending on the situation. And if you are one of the few who have never noticed any before, then I would suggest that you open your mind to their existence. It is a wonder to behold. You could say (for the believing readers) that it is like a visible line drawn between two things by destiny/fate/God. Just one more way God is making his presence known in the world, one little connection at a time.

Love always, ~Heather


Heather Gray said…
Heather, I love your take on this extremely addicting series. I also wrote about it on my blog. I've actually read all four of the books several times over the past couple months. There's just something about them that helped soothe me while going through a crappy time in my life. Like you said, the writing is not technically brilliant, but understanding where the author is coming from helps a lot. I don't know if you knew this, but I converted to Mormonism almost 10 years ago. That's not why I love the books, of course, but it helps me to feel some camaraderie with the author. I hope your 2009 is awesome!