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Not Quite Singing in the Rain

Note that this was originally written two weeks ago, but it has been in draft mode ... trying to catch up tonight ....

It has been a pretty eventful weekend here in DC, starting Thursday evening with the Carolina - Vanderbilt. Paula and I went to the Crystal City Sports Pub, where the Gamecock alumni club meets. We caught up with a few friends and made some new ones. Oh, yeah, we also watched our beloved Gamecocks lose a second straight match-up to Vanderbilt. I mean seriously Spurrier (and team), I know you're trying to make a name for yourselves, but competing for the "door mat" title is not what your fans had in mind.

Friday at work was relatively uneventful, but I was full of energy all day - ready to do something fun, like go out dancing, as soon as I got off. Alas, no one wanted to go out. So I pulled some homemade zucchini-eggplant parmesan out of the freezer and settled down for a little Charmed marathon.

.... filling in from a slightly more distant memory ....

I decided after a little while that I just couldn't stay in, so I asked my next door neighbor if he wanted to hang out. Somehow or another we would up taking a walk in the rain down King Street. We went to the Union Station pub where the barteder surprised me with a Washington Apple. Neighbor and I talked for awhile and then headed out. On the way home, "Great Balls of Fire" was playing in 219, so we went in and listened to the live music from the bar.

It was a really great and completely random night hanging out with Neighbor (I feel weird not using names, but privacy is important in this Google-searching age). I'm hoping we can become friends, instead of just neighbors, but I'm letting him take the lead, since he's a bit more shy than any of us in our house.

So there was no singing, but certainly a good long walk in the rain. I really love walking. And - of - that's right - it was the weekend Tropical storm/hurricane Hanna was coming.

So Saturday a.m. I was talking to Mom and Dad and they jokingly suggested I take care of my yard work in the rain - since I had been out walking in the rain the night before anyway. I wound up patchmastering the entire lawn (not huge, but it is a full townhouse-sized yard). I'm guessing the rest of the weekend was uneventful, or at least not bad, since I'm having trouble recollecting exactly what I did, but it was a great weekend in the rain.

Love always, ~Heather