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Dark Tunnels

Well, it seems that like most things you can't have one without the other. So before I could have an incredibly fun weekend I had to have a Friday that pretty much ranked in my worst 25 days ever.

It started out with work making me - actually, let's skip that and just know that this was certainly the dark tunnel. Now the thing about dark tunnels that make them SO different from, say, caves, is that there is bound to be light on the other end. My light came as I scrambled out of work 25 minutes late.

You know how you can see the glimmer before the good part ... that's where we are (or so I thought). I was on my way to see a movie with Cag, now assuredly going to be late as I had stopped home to grab an apple for dinner and change into jeans. Half way there I realize I have forgotten my phone - so I can't even call to say I am running late. An idiot decides to stop short on Glebe Road and I hydroplane through an intersection (lots of prayers of thanksgiving on the safe passage of that one) trying to stop behind them. The parking garage is almost at capacity and I get stuck behind someone waiting for a spot from another someone who had - obviously - all the time in the world to put things in (and out) of, I kid you not, every door to her car and the trunk. She only had a couple of clothes bags. Ack.

I park and get inside and am completely frazzled from a day of horrificness and hydroplaning and delayed parking. Cag and I really don't like the movie Burn After Reading. (I can't handle that kind of humor. Well, I can, it just isn't funny.) I go home to order pizza and watch the debate (which should tell you something uncheerful too). Lorien does her best to cheer me up (since the sucky movie did not) via phone, but my day has really put me in a funk.

I am obviously at the part of the tunnel where I inevitably run out of air and have to take a big gasping breath. My solution to losing the breath-holding-tunnel-challenge is usually to make the other contestants laugh. So I did a post-debate rundown with Cag via phone (as a way to offer my apologies for being a total kill-joy and tardy person upon arrival to the movie). Nothing is as entertaining as two politicians trying to spin things and then tell the other person to stop spinning them, so the laughter factor was working out.

Then Rachel came home and we planned for our big outing at the National Book Festival (photoblog post to come) and randomly got into telling each other the worst jokes we knew (that indubitably cracked us up anyway) and I finally got to bed.

The rest of my weekend deserves a separate post that will reveal the utter awesomeness that came on the other side of my terrible, torturous, no-good, very bad Friday. And as the optimist in me can't help pointing out, as awful as it was, the weekend was infinitely better. So if you're in a tunnel and running out of air, just take that gasp.

After you laugh, the light will be just around the next bend.

Love always,


Image: Tunnel from the C&O bike trail (Georgetown to Cumberland)


Heather Gray said…
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Heather Gray said…
Hi, Heather! I've been enjoying your blog. I love your optimistic cynicism. Frankly, your life sounds fun and fabulous. Take care!