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Rocking Weekend

... and I don't mean in a chair on the porch.

Friday night I picked up my cousin from the Greyhound station. It was so awesome to have him come to town. The big impetus was a P.O.D. concert at the Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday night.

So Saturday a.m. we got up late because watching Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels kept us up much later than our regular bedtimes. We ran to Home Depot to get some gardening supplies (yes, the townhouse is now in good enough shape that the yard is on the agenda). We swung by Harris Teeter for lunch supplies and bought ribs and asparagus.

Clark made tons of barbecue sauce and I fixed a potato/egg salad and the veggies. An hour or so later we were chowing down. In the late afternoon we took a walk through Old Town, checked out Christ Church and the cemetery, the Confederate statue at Prince and Washington, and then we were walking towards what I thought was Captain's Row when we came across an open house.

This guy waved us in the yard to a historic house kept in superb condition with antiques EVERYWHERE. It was awesome - it was better decked out than Mt Vernon. Anyway, the lady who had arranged for the tour of the house kicked us out when she realized we were there (the owner didn't care, why should she?). Anyway, it was fun.

We walked to the waterfront and stopped in to get custard/chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream. Um, delicious expounded. I'm going back to try the orange chocolate chocolate chip in the near future. The weather was wonderful so we strolled home, Clark battling the hiccups the whole way.

He napped and Rachel (roommate - permission to name granted) and I worked on the yard. Then it was time to get going to the Hard Rock. We metro-ed up. Gosh, I love living so close to the metro.

We stood in line, both of us not wearing enough jacket for the drastic temperature drop (from the high 60's to 42). We got to the door and had to get in a different line to get bracelets (though neither of us were indulging). Ah, lesson learned: get your tickets at will call to save money and line standing.

Okay, so the concert was much better than I expected. I am not a huge rock music girl. I love me some Aerosmith and have been known to listen to Nirvana and a few other groups from time to time, but in general, not hugely into the rock scene. But the concert was actually really good. Not too much yelling into the microphone, quality lyrics, ticket proceeds going to support charity, it was a fabulous combination.

The funniest incident (we were about ten people back from the jam packed front group) was when someone crowd surfed across the Hard Rock. Security pulled him down and literally threw him out the door. I have to say, that kind of entertainment doesn't often happen at the concerts I frequent.

We went out for late night Chinese at one of my favorite divey places in Chinatown before catching the metro home. All during dinner these very loud older Chinese men were yelling at each other at one of the only other occupied tables in the back. We had some fun a la Mystery Science Theater 3000 creating dialogue. We chatted much too late before completely collapsing. I dropped him off at the bus station this morning before church - and though the trip was brief, it was so good to see him.

Other things that made this weekend rock:
  • I installed a light with a dimmer switch in my closet. So with my newly installed closet bar, it is fully functional.
  • We found archaeological treasure (like a sock and the railing to a file cabinet) underneath the dried leaves in the backyard. There was also a rodent trap and weeds enough to fill the remaining paper grocery bags in the house (oh, how I love curbside recycling). Rachel and I have agreed that the yard will probably take a couple weekends to get going.
  • My room is neat (courtesy of the closet functioning and my mad rush for floor space before Clark's visit).
  • Singing songs with incredible harmony at church.
  • We have purchased more of the necessary supplies to create functional storage in our kitchen. Though it is large and full of cabinets (and 90% of my kitchen stuff is well-packed and in the attic) there still isn't much space in the cabinets for all the pots and pans, so we're going to hang them. When one of your roommates is over 6 foot tall (not to mention tall friends and relatives) it can be difficult to find a good place to hang things out of the way and yet still accessible enough for everyday use (since us girls are tall, but not quite tall enough to use shelves placed well above the 6 foot line).
  • I finally have some confirmations on speakers for HOBY. This is a gigantic relief since not having them was stressing me out. I still need quite a few more, but a start is better than nothing.
  • Chatting it up with the roommate about all sorts of things.
  • Bought the New Orleans jazz fest tickets for Theresa and I. It is going to be an amazingly fun "work" trip. I'm so glad she is coming with me!
  • Discovered a few more things for the landlord to fix - including a spastic oven that can't stay at a constant temperature. This is good, because it means they'll be fixed soon.
That's pretty rocking if you ask me.

Love always, ~Heather