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Old Friends, Vieux Amis

I watched this great episode of My So-Called Life tonight about old friends, and how even after you've gone your own way, that old friends can be incredibly valuable. So tonight, I just want to say, to all my friends: I don't tell you how awesome you are enough. I wouldn't be able to live in this happy, little Heather-world without you.

Mes amis en France: vous me manque tous les jours. Il n'y a pas une journee qui passe qui je ne pense pas des heures que j'ai passe avec vous. J'attends le jour quand je peux rendre une visite et vous embrasse encore.

Tout mon coeur to my friends here et lesquels loin de moi. Gros bisous.


CF Select after we swept the competition at Hershey park (or was that in Williamsburg)?

Part of the grad school crowd picking pumpkins.

More grad school buds at Hoops for Home.

The bests in Barcelona.

Il Etait Une Fois cast from USC

L'Aumonerie (youth group) at Taize in France

USC Club Volleyball Paper team (of Rock, Paper, and Scissors) at the Clemson tournament.


Anonymous said…
All these Pictures are super.
Tu nous manques aussi beaucoup.

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