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A Week as Jimmy Stewart

So this week my life has reflected at least three Jimmy Stewart movies.

First, I got to go to a meeting in the Capitol Building. Somehow, I had never even been inside for a tour, so I was thrilled about the clicking of my heels down those hallowed, marble halls. The briefing I attended (on the HIV/AIDS epidemic) was in a room directly below the House chamber.

I don't care how geeky it is, I love that Capra-esque feeling I get when I pass any of the major monuments in DC. My stomach flips and I get all jumpy and hyper ... I've lived in this city for more than a year and I still break out in a huge smile when the tip of the Washington Monument appears around a bend in the road. So, as you can now imagine, I was feeling pretty good after the briefing! And for those who aren't sure, this is reminiscent of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Next movie experience: feeling a bit out of myself. Not really alot of explanation for this except to say that it wasn't quite Harvey, but it was just as disturbing. And looking back, not quite as funny but equally laughable.

And the last bit is the seasonal classic It's a Wonderful Life. I started decorating my apartment for Christmas ... still a bit to go because I have been debating about putting out all the decorations, knowing that I am not going to want to clean them all up in a month! But, I built my own Christmas tree, which is cute and collapsible, lit my advent wreath tonight, and have holiday classic films lined up next to the television.

Part of the Harvey experience this week was me getting down on myself about things I don't have much control over. But I got to help my brother (which luckily did not involve diving into a frozen pond), go to a big party with friends, enjoy my family (if only by phone), and come up with a solution to paying my bills. Capped with the beginning of extended choir rehearsals for Christmas music and getting to use the bells (wings for angels!) in church again.

So, in summary, being in Washington, DC is really an amazing part of my life, and though it (and I) are sometimes a bit crazy, it is a wonderful life with much to be thankful for.

(Like finally being finished with the Thanksgiving leftovers!)

Wishing you and yours a prayerful and glorious advent season.

Love always, ~Heather