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Tonight I watched Shenandoah with Jimmy Stewart. I do not mean that he was sitting here with me - though that would have been interesting - no he played Charlie Anderson. I was expecting the musical (which I know all the words to) but instead got a dramatic interpretation. It was fun to hear a few of the key lyrics thrown in there and I do love the song "Shenandoah", which is lucky really, since it was basically the only background music to the whole movie.

I would definitely recommend it, since it is an interesting representation of the Civil War. The Anderson family tries to avoid getting involved in the war and without ever choosing a side they still wind up loosing family members. Definitely check it out.

I got a bunch of other movies at the library tonight, expecting that my planned New Years Extravaganza wasn't going to actually happen. I picked up Damn Yankees, since I'll be stage managing that show in February and have never seen it. I also got An American in Paris, because it is odd that I've never seen it, and the classic Breakfast at Tiffany's because I should know about Holly Golightly from more than hearsay.

However, when I got home tonight, I checked online in a last ditch hope and discovered that HOORAH! I have three potential attendees. I'm glad I actually bought snack food making supplies and food for dinner. Hopefulness has its upsides!

Tomorrow I need to clean up around here. I am pumped to have my first New Year's Eve party, and want to make everything fabulous (even if it is only four of us). Note to self: try to find a few other - preferably male - guests, so poor Yuriy doesn't feel awkward.

Okay, bed time. I need plenty of rest before tomorrow so I can really have a Rockin' New Year's Eve here and then in Old Town. I'll be taping Dick Clark since it never really feels like New Year's Eve without him, but this year I'll be watching fireworks over the masonic temple. Hope the rest of 2007 shapes up fabulously for all of you.

See you again in 2008 - unless I magically find a few minutes tomorrow! Happy New Year!

Love always,