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Individual Home Study Interview

I recently got to meet with our case-worker for the next step in our home study; the individual interview.

Step 1: Write an auto-biography.
This part came a bit more naturally to me as I (obviously) have some experience writing about my life for others. It was a bit weird though because I was supposed to frame the piece around 13 questions my case-worker was particularly interested in. My tip for those going through the process: be as thorough as possible and don't worry about anyone besides your case manager seeing it. This is just a tool to help them know what to ask you.

Step 2: Try not to freak out as the date approaches.
Wildly, epic-ly failed at this. My advice: Find someone else to tell you how to not get nervous for things that have a big impact but are seriously not that big of a deal, because my husband will confirm that I suck at this. :)

Step 3: Arrive freakishly early.
Stopping for lunch included, there will potentially be absolutely NO traffic the day you finally leave early to get somewhere on time. I'm not complaining, just saying, the fates are probably on your side.

Step 4: Answer super benign questions that make you wonder why you were worried in the first place.
My advice: Do know how old - or at least birth years - for your family. Ask questions that you think of while you are talking. Make it a conversation instead of a ridiculously personal interview.

Step 5: Bond with your case worker.
For me, it was talking about The Fosters (and noticing the Dumbledore wand from her desk was not in the pencil holder anymore). It was helpful to think of her on friendlier terms since she is, you know, helping us pick out our child and all.

It was an overall positive experience. My interview lasted for awhile because I had also brought our next round of finished paperwork and about 30 kids from AdoptUSkids that we thought had potential. (That's a whole other post of thoughts.)

The best part was that I left feeling more expectant than ever. Our child could be with us by this summer. LESS than six months from now! It was a good day to be a future mom.

Love always, Heather