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Welcome to 2016

Last year at this time I was taking my husband to urgent care, where he promptly got diagnosed with pneumonia. Then we were in and out of hospitals and doctors appointments for the next three months as he got diagnosed with NMO. His recovery to get back to work full time took almost another three months. And then I finally took a few minutes to feel the anxiety, worry, and stress from those 7 months (because there was still December 2014's month of husband illness which led to the emergency gallbladder removal which led to the horizontalness which led to the pneumonia). Of course, that wasn't the only thing in my life last year. Life ardently insists upon going on, whether I'm ready or not.

All of this to say, I put me on the back burner last year. This year, I am dedicated to recovering myself. Our new normal is just that - new. While there are huge chunks of me that are exactly the same as last year or any of the years before, it's like 2014 and 2015 made a huge course correction in the way my personal ship was sailing.

Obviously, I have strategized a dozen ways to help myself get more comfortable with the new normal. And, of course, it is unrealistic to try to implement all of these steps at one time. So, I have downloaded a random name generator app and put the twelve things I want to work on in and each month it will choose what I need to do.