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Summer 2015 Goals

This is my first real "teacher's summer". After four years in the classroom, I will finally have almost six weeks of time without required work/classes/surgical recovery or anything else mandatory. Of course, I already signed up to help with volleyball, but I love that and would go through withdrawal without at least some teenager interaction. :)

So, I decided to make a list of all the things I want to do in this seemingly endless amount of time. Then, I went to yoga this morning and after an hour realized that not going to the gym for almost 6 months gets you super out of shape.

Therefore, I am limiting myself to the following things I don't have time for during the school year:

1. Going to the bathroom whenever I want. 
2. Sleeping in until 7 a.m.
3. Wearing jeans or shorts without a sticker that says I "earned" them. 
4. Eating breakfast and lunch over more than 20 minutes. 
5. Using curse words, talking about religion or politics, making adult jokes, and more or less applying the first amendment without checking nearby doors for children. 
6. Leaving the house without looking like a bag lady who is fascinated with notebook paper and odd equipment for experiments. 
7. Doing all of the laundry - not just the stuff I am sure to need this week for some special holiday. 
8. Staying up to watch Jimmy Fallon. (Okay, maybe not. Recording it is just as funny!)
9. Drink water all day long! (See #1)
10. Read - for fun - things written by adults. Or anything really, so long as I can critique them without fear of an email from their parent. (Imagine: Nathaniel Hawthorne's mom online - "What do you mean you thought the opening to A Scarlet letter was boring?"

I do want to have an adventure each day. Something just for me. Today's is getting back into blogging. 

Love always,



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