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A New, Alliterative Adventure

As I sit here in my fabulously messy house, I can only think of how exorbitantly lucky I am to have it and all the random bits making the mess.

The busted volleyball on the floor is evidence of a wonderful season with the Freedom Eagles and my utter fail at making a ball soft enough for our new dog, Raleigh, to play with. The volleyball bladder is in fact soft enough, but he wants nothing to do with any toys that don't have food in them.

The random kitchen tools on the coffee table are from my recent trip to the store to get supplies for Thanksgiving. We're hosting our first real holiday and didn't really need a carving fork, potato masher or pie slicer (honestly, won't most of the stuff in my kitchen double in those roles?) but for some reason, it felt like this Thanksgiving needed appropriate tools for big jobs; like turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie!

The fabric scraps on the kitchen table will soon be placemats and table runners and things to put under hot dishes. Random cardboard bits are packaging from the decorative fork and spoon - each 3 feet tall - that did not, in fact, get "Command Strip"ped to the wall, because I swear those things only work for other people and/or on cinder blocks in my classroom.

My grading is in the Relay for Life bag. My coat(s) are on the backs of the dining room chairs and the end of banister. RJ's sweater is on the couch and the Halloween candy is still in a basket on the TV stand. And I love it.

I love this house and all the messy bits because it is mine and Richard's (and apparently Raleigh's, too) and our lives are here. We don't have a ton of friends here yet, though the neighbors seem promising. We haven't even finished unpacking yet (which is likely because I am terrible at getting rid of stuff). But we will. For both. And probably in that order if my history repeats itself.

Our home in Ashburn - this suburban house factory of a town in the middle of the fastest growing county in the country - feels more like a home tonight than ever. So, with that, it is time once again to change our adventure to Adventures in Ashburn. I don't promise a million posts or to stop using semicolons or to even stop writing in fragments combined with run-on sentences. I do promise an adventure, what I hope will be many loves and few angers, and a new chapter to this small piece of the blogosphere that has already seen posts from a handful of states and two countries.

To our new adventures in Ashburn.

Love always, ~Heather (and company)

P.S. - If you got this through a feed you previously subscribed to and want to keep reading me ramble, please just say hi in the comments. I am seriously considering changing the web address to something that makes more sense with the new blog and don't want to lose anyone on the way. :)