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July Shall Be Known as the Month of Big Changes

To start with, you should know that I've been living in my current townhouse for 3.5 years. I found it while walking to the metro from work. When I moved in, it was my 15th move in 10 years. I've been in my current job for exactly 3 years and eleven months today. Also, I have officially been with Richard for one year and one month today.

So here's the news: RJ proposed on the 4th of July, and, of course, I said yes! It was super exciting and fireworks will never be the same again. Around the same time, I had an interview to become a volleyball coach, which turned into a position as the head JV coach at a high school out near Great Falls National Park.

While that was happening, RJ applied for and got a promotion that moved his job from Kingstowne out to a movie theater that is literally 8 minutes door-to-door from his house out in Leesburg. About a week later - after years of deliberation and months of planning and saving - I gave my notice to Research!America, making my last day of work in early August.

At the end of this week, I'll be moving out to Leesburg to live with RJ and his sister in their townhouse. I'll be coaching volleyball and substitute teaching while going back to school to become a fully licensed middle school teacher. If I can, I'll be working in a full-time position as a teacher on a provisional license; but that is contingent on how some of my interviews turn out.

As you can tell, it has been quite a month of changes. The house I'm leaving now has been my full-time home longer than anyplace since I lived in Florida. My job was my first full-time office position ever, and had the bonus of being 1.5 blocks from my house. In essence, my life has been based in this little part of town for awhile now, and though I'm excited about the changes, it is a little sad and scary to take this big forward step.

But, there is an amazing man who wants to be my best-friend-forever supporting me through this transition and it's hard not to think that all the doors that opened up weren't being pulled by some invisible strings from heaven. At the end of June, this wasn't the plan; it was just a possibility. But the cogs are in motion, my house is mostly packed, and by the end of next week, my office won't have anything in it that is mine anymore.

I'm excited about working with young people every day again. I'm super excited to be planning a wedding. I can't wait to use my "teacher voice" as an actual teacher. It's going to be a whole new adventure. I'm ready.


Mari said…
Congratulations! That is all so, so, so exciting!!! Poor R!A ... but doing a little dance for you in my office chair.
Kate said…
Congrats! That all sounds perfect for you and I know you won't have any trouble getting a teaching job!
Heather Gray said…
I'm so happy that everything is working out so well for you, Heather. I'm especially impressed that teaching middle school is your calling. Frankly, those kids kinda scare me, so elementary school teaching was the way to go for me. They need more people like you in there with them though. Good luck with everything!