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Did you ever want something so badly you could taste it?

This isn't chocolate cake or weight loss, a boyfriend or a promotion. It isn't technology, travel, or even hugs (which I love). It's nothing shy of the first step on the gravel path that leads to the road that takes me to my biggest dream.

I'm as close as I can get to the real thing - all the right people say so. I've done 98% of everything I can do, and the other 2% has already been done once and is on tonight's to-do list to do again.

But I can't taste it yet. Heck, I can barely talk about it yet. I'm going to work until I get it, and hope that my best is good enough. Also, I could use some patience for the waiting, which could be months still.

If you're the praying kind, I could really use a little intercession right now.

Love always,



Mari said…
Definitely added to my prayer list. Can't wait to hear your good news when it comes to fruition whatever it is. :)
Heather Gray said…
You definitely deserve whatever it is you are hungering for, Heather. I really hope you get it soon. ;)