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Lent as Refreshment

At the Ash Wednesday service tonight, the priest explained that this was a good opportunity to refresh ourselves as we take steps towards spring.

I like the idea of refreshing where things are. So after three blizzards this winter, I bought tickets for a cruise with Caroline (who you may remember as the awesome friend who came to visit me in France; drove through the blizzard in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany; got lost with me in Barcelona; and showed me how to make apple goodness in Iowa). She's graduating from chiropractic school next Friday, and I couldn't be more proud of her. Which is why we're celebrating by taking this great Caribbean adventure.

In addition to that friend refreshment, and anticipated personal mental health boost from vitamin D, I'm also going to be doing a couple of self-cleansing things as my Lenten promises. I have some specific tasks planned out to improve my patience. For my roommates, I have a couple of literal cleaning tasks I plan to make regular habits. And for my sanity, I'm going to pick-up yoga and try to figuratively clear my mind through breathing.

It's 40ish days. 40ish nights. At the end, I'll be a month and a half closer to my 27th birthday and hopefully 40ish days more mature and ready to take on my new year. Bring it on Lent, I'm ready for refreshment.

Love always,