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When all else fails...

...write about the good stuff. It'll make you feel better.

I just spent 30 some odd minutes writing this long post, trying to be all profound so I could hide the thing I was really worried about in the post without having to say it outright. I didn't even have to read it back to know that it was a waste of electrons.

Instead, I would like to tell you that I am LOVING the live Christmas tree I bought on my way home from church today. A seven foot balsam. It smells lovely, and I know it's going to look even more amazing as soon as the branches start to fall out a little more. I'll post pictures of the whole decorated set-up in a few days.

Also, played in a fellowship this weekend and did okay. I desperately need to work on my serve receive, but had as many blocks/touches at the net as everyone else and only missed two out of how many ever hit attempts I had and one serve all day. I also managed to get rated as an up-ref and a scorekeeper. One test and three ratings to go, and I'll be official on all counts. I would like to brag and say I did my second scorekeeping evaluation all in pen (since the pencil broke) and still knocked it out of the park.

Clemson lost, which was brilliant. I'm a little sad about Florida's fall to Alabama, but am confident that whoever they face in the National Championship is going to get pummeled. Oh SEC, how I love thee.

Other notable weekend tidbits:
  • We got some snow, though certainly more outside the Beltway at the tournament.
  • I pulled the last of the produce in from the garden and filled the compost bin with heaps of plant matter.
  • Had Advent dinner with a good friend who wore my elf hat and laughed at me as I hauled the tree in the house all by myself.
  • I did not get lost in Clarendon, though I thought I was, and two quick U-turns later I was back in my original, totally awesome parking spot.
  • Liberty Tavern makes a strong yet wonderful Long Island Iced Tea (for you non-drinkers, this is not actually tea).
  • Going to get things cleaned up around here so I can finish decorating before my match tomorrow night.
Off I go to do the end of weekend prep stuff. Hope you had a good one.

Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - Today's quote: "Whoever is happy will make others happy too." ~Anne Frank. I don't know how they're generated, but their significance to my posts is uncanny sometimes.