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What happened to Zaire?

In middle school I did my social studies fair project on Zaire. A large, tropical country in the heart of Africa full of interesting culture and amazing landscapes. A place I couldn't wait to visit.

Now, the Democratic Republic of Congo (which Zaire became sometime in high school) is a place I don't think I'll ever want to visit.

In college I was part of a phenomena known as the Vagina Monologues. A brilliant stage production of monologues of, by, for, and from vaginas. It seems strange when you consider my personality generally and my involvement in the show, but there is a strong message behind the Vagina Monologues: stop the violence against women and girls.

Eve Ensler was the author of the book that became the play that became a right of passage in feminist circles. And now she's testifying before Congress to explain the atrocities going on in the DRC.

It's graphic.
It's awful.
And it's happening right now.

This is one thing that I never covered in my "social study" of Zaire in the seventh grade. Thank God for my innocence.

Some girls do not have the same advantages.