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(More) On Taxes

Things I now know about doing my taxes:
  • All those property taxes on my car count as deductions!
  • I will be taking at least one course at a community college a year (Intro to Spanish, Intro to Sign Language, Science and the Cinema, etc.) so I never have this exclusion issue again.
  • The schedules aren't too painful to fill out if you know what you're doing.
  • Having all the papers and receipts in one box doesn't actually decrease the amount of time it takes to locate one, as many receipts look the same and take time to dig through.
  • My dad is awesome and I am glad I learned how to fill out the forms myself from him.
  • It goes well with sympathetic friends, swing dancing in the dining room, and Manichevitz.
That is all.

Onto the first volleyball game of the Alexandria league season, filling out HOBY paperwork, deciding between Sportsplex volleyball and USC softball, acquiring a new roommate, planning excursions for the upcoming family cruise, planting vegetable seeds for the summer garden, sending an invitation to my awesome birthday party, and, you know, generally getting some work done.

Love always,