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Home Sweet Home?

As I sit here watching Sweet Home Alabama I'm thinking about life as I currently know it. I'll be heading back to the place where I did most of my growing up at the end of the month. My grandfather is having heart surgery (prayers please) so I'm going down to be with him and my grandma during the pre-surgery work-up and then through the surgery. My mother and uncle may or may not be joining me down there before the actual surgery, but we're not sure yet.

I am surprisingly calm (though full of butterflies). I work better in emergency situations, or ones that need direct leadership. Also, I like that I am in a place in my life where I can be there for my family - as they have been there for me so often. Best of all, I'll get to be there before and after to spend time with him and pep him up before and to help him recover after. Most of that is going to be taking care of my grandma who is already stressed (understandably).

Today I also helped celebrate the retirements of two of the women from our office - one who had been there for 19 years and the other who had been there for 7. I wonder if I will ever find a job I love so much that I would want to be there that long - a job I would like to have called my life's work. I can't decide if this is an impractical hope - since I tend to move alot and enjoy diversity in life or just because it is so unusual for people of my generation to stay in a job for more than a couple of years. That, and so much can happen in the space of a single day - to imagine my life 19 years from now seems unfathomable.

In other completely unrelated and useless news, I am enjoying a game of Scrabulous with a friend. Scrabble is such a fun game for me anyway, that playing with a friend over an extended period of time is exciting and helps me feel connected.

Well, I guess I should be getting back to something practical. Tomorrow night is girl's night - potentially the last one with Dana before her big move to Wisconsin. We're dining out and then coming back here for some crazy-girly fun. I have a half day at work tomorrow that I plan on taking full advantage of to run errands, prepare the house, and perhaps see a movie with my Scrabulous friend (we both love musicals and Mamma Mia! seems to be in order).

The rest of my weekend is shaping up to be pretty jam packed - though I'm hoping to have some time to build the vegetable garden out back before Monday rolls around again.

Alright. Taking some lessons from Ace of Cakes before bed.

Love always, ~Heather