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Spoil-free Harry Potter

Don't worry, no spoilers here.

I saw the fifth movie last weekend, and thought it was an improvement in the series after the 4th movie, which, in my humble opinion, pretty much blew. Plus, it was the 5th bonding experience I got to have with my dad (we've gone to see all the movies together!).

I just finished Deathly Hallows. Well, just being about an hour ago. Lorien and I went to Borders last night for the release party. I am such a nerd - I got totally excited about them slicing open the boxes at 12:01 a.m. Ahhh, the joys of eternal youth!

The book, it turns out, was almost exactly like I thought it would be. Entertaining, no fluff, all business, mind-gripping literary bliss. That and some of the details I had been guessing about were right, which was good. Sometimes I think a good shock in a story makes the story better. However in this case, my correct guesses (perhaps my inner eye is well trained?) made me feel like I really knew the story, the characters, the world.

The brilliance of Rowling, is that as you read, you feel the story. I laughed (quietly, to myself) and cried (equally quietly, I hope). And though I have escaped into books my entire life, Rowling makes the transition between my worlds (real and imagined) as seamless as Apparating (the children upstairs making noise and running around are like minor splicing accidents).

Because it is the end of the series, I will miss the excitement of new books, the possibility of new characters, more details. But unlike a number of reading counterparts, I won't miss the characters, because they have latched on to me, and become a part of me. Not only will they come with me wherever I go (in my mind, of course), but I can always come back and visit them. That, to me, is the amazing feature of a well-written book or series: you can always stretch the binding, open your imagination wide, and step back into that world of adventure, mystery, and romance.

Hoping the best for everyone's adventures in Deathly Hallows, love always, ~Heather